Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 2012

 Headed out. I have been sick, and we were stuck in doors all day yesterday. It has been cold and rainy a lot, yuck!
 What are you guys doing to me? I don't like this!! We got Eliana's costume her Aunt Cristin had mailed her on a little late. We were sick on Halloween, so we got dressed up later.
 My step. Eliana has been loving to bring all her toys and stuffed animals, and put them on the step, and then sit with them. Score that she got Dad to sit with her too
 Rhyme time at the library. This is Ellie sitting on her the bench she likes. We somehow lost our clip, so our hair is in our face.
 Got a book!
 My very first friend that I made here in England, Lewis. He just moved to Germany last week, so sad. We sure will miss him, and his older brother, Thomas. We got to have a few fun play dates right before they left.
 This is my friend, Ella. She and her brother Luke came over for a play. Her Daddy works at Exxon too, and this is the other American family we know here.
 Dance class. I got to dance with the big girls today because we were late to my class, so I stayed on for the first part of the other class. It was fun!

 Taking at juice break at dance class.
 Ellie actually did better with the older girls. Maybe because she had more guidance?
 Our last play date with Lewis and Thomas:(
 Peek-a-boo! Eliana has really be enjoying her music class, and asks almost every day when we are getting ready to go somewhere, "music class?"
 Riding the train to Salisbury. Mom and Dad decided we should get out and about a little with Baby coming soon since we probably won't get out as much for a while. We had been there before, but got to take a tour through the cathedral this time. I took a short snooze in my stroller since they made me skip my nap.
 Outside the cathedral
 On our way back home on the train. Mom thought Dad and I looked cute here:)
 Hi Daddy...
 Check out my new stroller bag. Nice, huh? It is really warm. Mom was so glad she was able to find this over here, and that it fit my stroller straps. It has been cold here already. We are thinking maybe colder than last year.
 Oh, it is so fun to see myself in mom's phone. I got pretty grumpy while she was trying to cook, so she got down on the floor, and turned the camera so I could see myself. Made me smile!
 Haven't made this face in a while!
 This is how mom gets dinner cooked lately. Pretty impressive work by me, huh?
 "Helping" Mom.
 Back at dance class. Ellie is starting to pay better attention, and seems to have a little more fun.
 Chilling with a book at the library.
 My friend Francesca was there too.
 Having a snack during the rhymes
 I was annoyed that Hedgehog was in my way. Nice face, huh? Mom had to put this in since I have been a little out of sorts lately, and kind of a grumpy girl. Mom and Dad wonder when sweet Ellie will come back.
 Check out my new shoes!
 Mommy thought I looked like such a big girl.
 Who me?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

More of October/Stewart Family Visit

 Music class. Ellie has been enjoying this more lately.
 Woo hoo! Under the parachute
 Taking a ride in the boat. Today's theme had to do with the sea.
 Uh oh, caught in the act...
 Eliana finally agreed to where a costume for our "dance around" at the end of music class. Don't think it lasted too long though:)
 This is Daddy in front of the restaurant where he and mommy went on a date night. It was too dark to see anything though.
 Getting ready to go to church. Love my step still. I think I got dirt on my hands though.
 Dance class
 Getting fitted for my first ballet shoes:)
 Hi Mommy. Look at my new ballet shoes!
 Wearing a costume again. I think this one stayed on the whole time.
 Back to when my aunt, uncle, and cousins were visiting. Here we are in the Quay. We walked through the Saturday Market on High St, and then walked through the Quay to see all the shops, the water, and the boats.
 They had all these fun toys outside the stores to play with!
 At Highcliffe Castle. This is a pretty castle where a lot of people have their weddings. There was actually a wedding going on while we were here.

 Chilling outside the castle...
 Running all around. Sure was nice to have some sunshine.
 This is the beach just beyond the castle. We walked through some forest area, and then down a long ramp to get here. Fun!
 Walking with Aunt Cristin. I sure enjoyed spending time with her.
 Playing on the beach. This was a sandy/rocky beach.
 Back in front of the castle. We had hot chocolate and ran around in the field while Daddy and Uncle Rich went to get the cars.
 Chilling back at home. I loved being able to wear Lily and Lexi's big girl shoes. It was so fun! I could get them on by myself since they are a little big for me:)
 I love sitting in the car. So fun!
 At the park across the street from our house. So nice to have my cousins there too!
 Playing dress up. This was my first time. Lily and Lexi gave me their Jasmine costume since it is too small for them now. Yipee!

 Aren't we cute? We had to stay in today. Lexi got pretty sick with a fever.
 Here I am, trying to steal Lexi's shoes. They had these cool new boots that I really wanted to wear all the time. Lexi was pretty sweet about me always taking them. I think they were leaving today. We sure will miss you, thanks for coming!
Sitting at my new desk. Mommy is trying to get me more interested in coloring. We will see...